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Why Choose Pixel Rocket?

You’re reading this, so well done, you’ve taken the first step in your journey of what we like to call (with as little hyperbole as possible); total, utter, complete design nirvana.

Your journey begins with CEO, Creative Director, Head Sensei and Chief Designer Kimberley Banks (who did not write this message but unashamedly approved it) and her unique take on artistic graphic design.

With just the right combination of raw design sensibility and experience with some of the best agencies in South Africa, Kim brings you the result of her own creative journey, culminating in the form of Pixel Rocket Graphics, a design collective with a focus on pain-free, high quality solutions to any design challenge.

You might be saying, “enough with the small talk, where is this design nirvana you speak of?!”, and we don’t blame you, it was a bold statement, one which we hope to show you when you pick up your phone (or clicking finger) and get in touch with us. We’ll show you how using a design service should be… the best result, for the least effort (from you, we work our amazing butts off).

So, take a load off, browse our page and then drop us a line. Easy.


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What We Offer


We appreciate your need for something unique and exclusive – after all, you don’t want something that your “good-with-computers” cousin did. So, cut the trauma of family politics and do it properly the first time around. Logos, visual identities, we’ve got you covered.


You’ve recently opened a Facebook or Twitter account, what next? Is your social media presence in need of a makeover? Well then you’re going to need something that you didn’t find on Google image as your cover photo. We have vast experience in social media design, we’ll make your page look pretty.


Nothing brings on the rage at Pixel Rocket more than a badly designed website. Trade secret – it’s not that hard if the right people handle it. So, get rid of the 5 year old website and give your company an online facelift without the potential complications.



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